CheckUp Basis Plus
CheckUp Basis Plus

Check-Up Basis Plus program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • Finding out of body state

  • Anthropometry

  • Risk factors analysis (PROCAM test)

  • General physical examination

  • Extensive blood examination

  • MRT of abdominal cavity organs

  • Duplex Doppler ultrasound of the arteria carotis

  • Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland

  • Ergospirometry with EKG and examination of lungs functions

  • Determination of psychomatic stress level

  • Echo-cardiography according to Doppler method

  • Pulse wave analysis / Ankle-brachial index calculation (ABI)

  • Hearing screening

  • Fundoscopy

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 2900 €

For women: 2900 €


Any disease is better to be predicted than treated for a long time, that’s why Ultrasonography of the internals is an essential procedure. It is applied within Check-up Basis Plus. To provide good results premium class equipment is used. It helps to significantly develop diagnostic capabilities. Devices are produced on the ground of advanced technologies. That’s why during examination specialists can get consistent results about functioning of the internal systems of the body.

Check-up Basis Plus — preventional examinations

Nobody is insured against diseases, that’s why one should periodically make Ultrasonography of intestinal tract, renal system and other organs. Pathological processes and feeling unwell can be facilitated by unsatisfying ecological situation, smoking, positive family history. To be healthy people should visit a doctor. With our help this task can be easily solved. You can combine abdominal organs examination with guided tour or business trip. We cooperate with private clinics and hospitals of the European countries. One can pass diagnostic procedures there as well as get recommendations from the specialists.

Check-up Basis Plus is a complex procedure which comprises Ultrasonography of the abdominal organs and renal system. It is made within one day. Prevention examinations are taken in order to estimate a human’s state of health. With their help performance capability and state of important systems of the body can be checked. Check-up Basis Plus comprises a few diagnostic procedures. They can be changed and amended depending on the age-related criteria, personal wishes of a patient and medical history. After finishing of examination the doctors of the foreign clinics reveal a disease and prescribe medicine.

Ultrasonography of the internals and medtourism

The best way for saving the health and recognition of a problem is Ultrasonography of the abdominal organs. With its help it’s possible to find out what kind of a disease occurred. Noninvasive examination is recommended upon availability of pain feelings in belly, feeling of weight in hypochondrium, girdle pain. The diagnostic is also applied for prevention. People who take care of their health pass periodically this kind of procedure. In such a way the state of internal organs can be estimated and risks of complications can be removed.

Ultrasonography of the gastroenteric tract is an informative method of diagnostic, oriented to finding out all possible pathological changes in organism. It possesses important advantages:

  • No discomfort — there is no pain during examination. A patient feels comfortable while quietly lying on a bed;
  • safety — examination is performed by means of ultrasonic waves;
  • no age-related limitations — Ultrasonography of the intestinal tract is allowed even for children;
  • imaging — information is transmitted to the monitor of the ultrasonography device. On its basis a doctor makes conclusions about the state of the internals and finds out a reason for discomfort;
  • short duration — the procedure takes not much time (about 15 minutes). It is conducted in a specially equipped room with a cozy atmosphere.

During Check-up Basis Plus anthropometric data of a patient are defined. They mean measurement of a body. By means of this method age-related and other special features of the body are determined. In order to receive anthropometric data weighing and body length measurements are taken. The information obtained is fixed in the medical record.

Ultrasonography of the abdominal organs is a method owing to which an overall estimate of the internals state is provided. With its help it’s possible to define bile outflow decrement, inflammation, hepatomegalia and many other problems. During Check-up Basis Plus specialists of the clinics in Germany and other European countries pay due attention to the patients. They conduct examination and receive a reliable information. On its ground the right conclusions are made. Upon availability of a disease a targeted treatment is prescribed. It corresponds to current trends.