CheckUp Complex
CheckUp Complex

Check-Up Complex program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • Finding out of body state

  • Risk factors analysis (PROCAM test)

  • General physical examination

  • Extensive blood examination

  • Clinical common urine analysis

  • Fecalysis (hemoccult test)

  • MR- angiogram and whole-body MR (comprehensive survey of vascular and skeletal sys-tems)

  • MRT of prostate gland or mammary gland

  • MRT of heart / Stress MRT (function and blood flow of cardio muscle)

  • CT of heart / CT Kalkscore (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • CT of lungs / CT Thorax Low Dose (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • PET-CT / PET-CT (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • Ultrasonography of the arteria carotis

  • Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland

  • Ergospirometry with EKG and examination of lungs functions

  • Echo-cardiography according to Doppler method

  • Fundoscopy

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 3900 €

For women: 3900 €


Check-up Complex is an important program which comprises Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland, MRT and other procedures. It is created for all those who take care of their health. During examination body systems state is checked and risk factors are defined. The diagnostic is needed for those possessing headaches, sleep disruption, overweight, hypertension. After finishing of examination a doctor prepares a medical record and gives recommendations about nutrition, treatment and diseases prevention.

МRА — a modern method

Do You want to enquire with a good medical center, where magnetic resonance angiogram is available? With our help You will solve this problem. Company «Medici Plus» cooperates with reliable clinics. That’s why You can pass a complete body examination even being on business trip or guided tour.

МRА is a method which involves the use of tomograph for blood vessel state estimation. This kind of procedure is performed for defining of the following problems:

  • aneurysm — a serious condition, when vessel lumina is extended by a factor of two. Such a problem requires an operation;
  • angiostenosis — bizarre vasoconstriction. It can be protal or appears because of pathological processes development;
  • atherosclerosis — a disease which is accompanied with cholesteric deposits in vessels. It progresses in case when lipid storage disease takes place.

While conducting of magnetic resonance angiogram there are no risks for health. It’s a precise method of diagnostic which doesn’t require any special preparation. The duration of the examination is about an hour. On the ground of the information received during examination the doctor defines a disease. Then further steps for its treatment are planned.

MRT examination — a valid method of diagnostic

The first attribute of the Complex check-up is the whole body MR. It’s a unique method of receiving information about the state of internals. Inforeign clinics perfect conditions for diseases diagnostic are created. Medical institutions are provided with advanced equipment. That’s why precise results are guaranteed.

MRT examination is a procedure which is used not only for disease diagnostic. It is conducted before surgical treatment and in the course of disease treatment. MRT is harmless for organism. With its help a state of axis, abarthrosis and head can be defined.  In some cases a specific substance is injected into the body. Here a reagent type is meant which improves informative value of the examination. While using it pathological processes in the early stages can be defined. That’s why MRT with contrast is a highly demanded procedure.

Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland is an important procedure

Thyroid specialists of the top-quality clinics conduct Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland at a high level. For receiving of consistent results modern units are applied. With their help the state of thyroid gland is defined: blood supply, dimensions, pathological changes. During examination a specialist can see a distinct picture. On its basis he/she makes conclusions about presence or absence of any problems.

Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland takes not much time. It is recommended for people having noticeable lump on the neck, cough without a reason, “lump in throat feeling”. The diagnostic is also conducted for disease prevention. Even in case when a person has no complaints the ultrasonography will not hurt. The cost for the service in the clinics of Germany and other countries of Europe is reasonable, and its benefit is tremendous.

Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland, MRA, MRT are examinations owing to which potentially dangerous for health diseases can be defined and chances for recovery are increased. That’s why people should regularly enquire with a medical institution and pass a complex check-up.  It is better to be done in foreign clinics because of qualified doctors working there and a powerful material and technical resources available. These are the essential components owing to which a fast recovery of the patients is guaranteed!