CheckUp Cardio
CheckUp Cardio

A comprehensive heart and blood circulation examination gives an opportunity to find and manage the disease in the early stages long before its presentation. Preliminary and summarizing discussions with the specialist as well as MRT and CT of heart comprise this preventive program.

Check-Up Сardio program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • Finding out of body state

  • Risk factors analysis (PROCAM test)

  • General physical examination

  • Extensive blood examination

  • Clinical common urine analysis

  • Fecalysis (hemoccult test)

  • MR- angiogram and whole-body MR (comprehensive survey of vascular and skeletal, mus-cles and organ systems)

  • MRT of heart / Stress MRT (function and blood flow of cardio muscle)

  • CT of heart / CT Kalkscore (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • Ultrasonography of the arteria carotis

  • Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland

  • Ergospirometry with EKG and examination of lungs functions

  • Echo-cardiography according to Doppler method

  • Fundoscopy

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 4560 €

For women: 4660 €


Cardiogram and Ultrasonography of heart are the procedures which are aimed at monitoring of our main organ function.  With their help it’s possible to define a cardiovascular disease and to prevent in time development of complications. A medical center «Medici Plus» cooperates with the leading foreign clinics, which specialize in diagnostic and treatment of diseases. That’s why being abroad tourists get a qualified aid.

Checkup Kardio is the key to Your health

What for do we need EKG and cardiogram of our heart? Heart is an important organ, with the help of which blood is continuously pumped. It must be healthy. Because of non-stable arterial tension, smoking, absence of physical activity, bad ecological situation various diseases occur. They lower life quality and reduce its duration. That’s why one should take care of health and regularly pass cardiological examination.

Life pace in a big city is quite stress-filled. People spend much time at work, shoulder household responsibilities and totally forget about having a rest. It negatively influences our health. Induced by overwork and stresses, a «motor» shows itself causing tachycardia and pain in breast. If these signs are available one should consult a cardiologist. A specialist will make a functional diagnostic of the cardiovascular system and estimate its work. After examinations finishing a diagnosis will be determined and individual treatment program will be composed.

Patients examination technologies

Ultrasonography, cardiogram, MRT are the procedures, owing to which a precise treatment plan can be defined. They are made by means of the innovative equipment, possessing a high functionality. Devices for cardiology provide precise results. With their help a doctor gets a consistent information about heart function. During using of cardiological equipment a few types of examinations can be made. The main technologies are listed below:

EKG is a way of instrumental diagnostics, which is based on electric fields registration. Electrocardiography is applied for rhythm estimation, for defining of hypertrophia of cardiac muscle, for IHD diagnostic. To detect such problems EKG-devices of a new generation are used. They are characterized by good technical features.

MRT of heart is a modern method to receive high-quality laminograms. Magnetic resonance therapy is perfect for finding out of diseases. The examination is held under comfortable conditions and takes 40 minutes. With its help doctors receive information about peculiarities of organ structure and dynamic processes. During this procedure the following diseases are diagnosed:

  • Myocardial infarct;
  • cardiomyopathy;
  • IHD.

MRT is applied upon the breach in heart work and complaint of pain in chest. It’s irreplaceable for planning of surgical interference.

Ultrasonography of heart is a technology, based on detection of echo signals. With its help anatomic and function changes of the main organ can be thoroughly examined. Echocardiography is performed by means of the high class devices. The procedure is indicated in case of cardiac murmur, painful feeling in chest, stenocardia. Ultrasonography of heart is absolutely safe. That’s why the procedure can be passed by children.

Coronography of heart is an effective method, which is widely used for IHD diagnostic. With its help arteriostenosis location can be defined. During coronography specific radiopaque substance is injected into the body. After a time it fills the arteria. In such a way the information about a state of arteria is shown on the screen of the device.

If You want to live a long life don’t forget to make a cardiogram at least once a year. In case of diseases signs availability visit Heart centers in Germany and other countries. Specialists will make necessary examinations and will do everything possible for improving of the cardiovascular system function. They possess modern equipment, aimed at heart checkup.