CheckUp Maximum
CheckUp Maximum

Checkup Maximum is the largest diagnostic program. You will receive extensive and consistent general picture of the current state of Your health and risk factors for the most of diseases.

Check-Up Maximum program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • Finding out of body state

  • Risk factors analysis (PROCAM test)

  • General physical examination

  • Extensive blood examination

  • Clinical common urine analysis

  • Fecalysis (hemoccult test)

  • MR- angiogram and whole-body MR (comprehensive survey of vascular and skeletal, mus-cles and organ systems)

  • MRT of prostate gland or mammary gland

  • MRT of heart / Stress MRT (function and blood flow of cardio muscle)

  • CT of heart / CT Kalkscore (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • CT of lungs / CT Thorax Low Dose (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • PET-CT / PET-CT (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • Ultrasonography of the arteria carotis

  • Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland

  • Ergospirometry with EKG and examination of lungs functions

  • Echo-cardiography according to Doppler method

  • Fundoscopy

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 6000 €

For women: 6100 €


Positron emission tomography is a procedure, owing to which the maximum body examination is held. In foreign clinics perfect conditions for diseases diagnostic are created. For finding out of diseases modern equipment is applied. With its help one can recognize a serious health problem in the early stages. Plan and success of treatment depends on it!

PET: what is it?

PET is an innovative method, widely used for oncology diseases diagnostic. It comprises a radionuclide tomographic way of body examination. During this checkup radiopharmaceuticals are injected into the organism. They contain specific substances, owing to which precise results are guaranteed.

PET examination gives an opportunity to study in detail the state of internal organs. It is based on the fact that contrast is accumulated in the cells, which release big volume of energy. The equipment fixes information about changes in tissues and transmits it onto the screen in the form of sharp image. While using a modern tomograph cancer of the first stage can be found out and metastases borders can be defined. Additionally Checkup Maximum is held for diagnostic of Alzheimer’s disease and IHD.

PET CT is a unique method, owing to which the chances for recovery can be increased. Today many people face serious diseases which pose hazard to life. It’s caused by bad ecological situation, chronic conditions, disposition toward oncology. During taking diagnostic measures in foreign clinics a doctor receives information about the state of internal organs at the cellular level. Consequently, the cancer signs can be defined in the early stages, when no permanent changes appeared in tissues. It’s an up-to-date aspect, which influences a success of the further treatment of disease.

What are the advantages of PET examination?

Much depends on the quality and timeliness of diagnostic, that’s why PET tomography is an irreplaceable method of body examination. Checkup Maximum is held at a high level. After receiving of results a doctor estimates function and state of internal systems. On the ground of obtained information the location and the character of a newgrowth can be determined. It is very important because a precise diagnosis is a key to the correct way of disease treatment. Specialists of the clinics in Germany and other countries realize this fact perfectly well. That’s why during Checkup Maximum consistent results are guaranteed.

Positron emission tomography is the best practices which combine advantages of radiology and computer technologies. It possesses essential merits:

  1. Informative value— in the course of examination a disease can be recognized in the early stage. It’s impossible to be achieved by means of a common CT and laboratory analysis.
  2. Minimal harm to the organism— a low level radiation exposure is given during the procedure.
  3. Wide opportunities — a single PET examination by means of the radionuclide tomographic method replaces a few kinds of diagnostic. With the help of PET CT brain, thyroid gland, lungs, bones conditions can be defined.
  4. Results validity — affected areas of the internals can be easily seen on the pictures. After finishing of the PET examination a specialist studies the received information for a few hours and then gives a medical conclusion. On its ground the doctor prescribes adequate treatment, aimed at a serious disease management.
  5. No sensation of pain — the examination is held in a comfortable atmosphere. Within one procedure a few internal body systems are examined.

PET-tomography is a diagnostic method, owing to which newgrowth can be revealed at the cellular level. During its passing probability of abnormity detection is 100%. That’s why the leading-edge way of receiving body state information occupies prime positions in the medical field. It’s widespread in the foreign clinics, provided with advanced equipment.