CheckUp Standart
CheckUp Standart

After a detailed conversation with a doctor and studying of Your patient history, complex examinations take place, after which You will get an extensive survey of the state of Your vascular, skeletal, muscular and organ systems.

Check-Up Standart program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • Finding out of body state

  • Risk factors analysis (PROCAM test)

  • General physical examination

  • Extensive blood examination

  • Clinical common urine analysis

  • Fecalysis (hemoccult test)

  • MR- angiogram and whole-body MR (comprehensive survey of vascular and skeletal, mus-cles and organ systems)

  • Ultrasonography of the arteria carotis

  • Ultrasonography of the thyroid gland

  • Ergospirometry with EKG and examination of lungs functions

  • Echo-cardiography according to Doppler method

  • Fundoscopy

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 2900 €

For women: 2830 €


A standard checkup consists of MRT of heart, ophthalmascopy and other procedures, helping to save our health. It can easily be combined with business trip or journey to Germany. To manage to do it one should rely on the specialists of the company «Medici Plus», who possess experience in this field of activity.

What are the procedures comprising Checkup Standard?

Precise diagnostic of organism is a range of measures which include clinical common urine analysis, ophthalmoscopy, check-up of cardiovascular system function. It is oriented to defining of the health state. A standard examination should be made regularly. It will help to determine a disease and remain healthy for a long time. Examination of the organism means holding of various procedures. Let’s get acquainted with them in detail:

  • Coprogram fecalysis is a laboratory research with the help of which the faults in operation of a digestive system are defined. It’s recommended to be passed at suspicion on helminthiasis, newgrowth in GIT, inflammatory processes, hemorrhoids. Feces analysis is performed by means of innovative equipment. It is done by qualified specialists. They thoroughly study the material and give a conclusion;
  • Clinical common urine analysis is a popular examination widely used in clinical practice. It helps to find out a lot about the state of Your health. During this analysis a composition of urina is determined. On the ground of received information a specialist detects inflammatory processes, nephatony, and also virulent diseases;
  • MRT of heart is a complex technology, which is based on using of tomographs. During Checkup Standard held abroad functional peculiarities of the main organ are evaluated. MRT helps to define cardiopathy, aortic aneurysm, pathological conditions, the state of vessels. The examination is conducted at the leading German clinics, which possess comfortable atmosphere for patients. To receive consistent results high-powered devices are used.

A compulsory stage of the Checkup Standard is diagnostic of sense of sight. It helps to show the picture of a vision system state. A complex diagnostic significantly differs from a usual visiting an ophthalmologist of the hospital. It is needed by future mothers and those who have diabetes or whose sense of vision becomes worse. It is also necessary for those who works a lot with a computer and have problems with eyes. Foreign clinics get equipped with functional diagnostic devices. That’s why during examination peculiarities of a visual apparatus can be defined.

Ophthalmoscopy is an up-to-date method, applied by international ophthalmological clinics. Its main point is examining of an eye ground. To achieve this purpose ophthalmoscope and fundus lens are used. By means of these instruments a doctor evaluates the state of amphiblestrodes and defines an occurred pathological condition. Ophthalmoscopy possesses advantages. It’s a high informative value of examining of the eye ground and absence of uncomfortable feelings.

What are the peculiarities of Checkup Standard abroad?

Diagnostic of sense of vision, MRT of heart and other procedures are better to be held at the clinics of Germany and other countries. What is it connected with? Let’s highlight the main moments:

  1. Advanced equipment — medical institutions are provided with functional devices. With their help a standard check up is performed at a high level.
  2. Professional manner — examination is conducted by skilled specialists. They develop their knowledge level and are interested in new trends in the medical sphere.
  3. Complex diagnostic — within on multi-specialty center it’s possible to have feces coprogram test, check the state of a vision system, make MRT of heart. Examination is held according to the standards. That’s why consistent results are guaranteed.

Health care is the first matter for You to worry about. Don’t forget this and from time to time pass examination at the modern clinical centers. The company «Medici Plus» is ready to help with solving this task of prime importance!