CheckUp Stresstest
CheckUp Stresstest

Today whatever job we have got our organism falls under stress that causes cardiovascular diseases. After this examination You will know the state of Your vessels, supplying the heart and brain in order to understand Your liability to diseases and to counter them.

Check-Up Stresstest program comprises the below mentioned medical services:

  • Preliminary discussion with a doctor and medical history

  • MR- angiogram of the whole-body (comprehensive survey of vascular system)

  • Ultrasonography of the arteria carotis

  • CT of heart / CT Kalkscore (only by the instruction of a doctor)

  • Ultimate case conference

  • Extensive medical report

Program price

For men: 1700 €

For women: 1700 €


Stress test is a check-up which comprises two kinds of examinations. The first variant is defining of self-control degree and emotional state degree of a human under overwrought conditions. The second variant is examination in the course of which heart function on exertion is determined. Additionally the doctors of the foreign clinics conduct an audiogram. With the help of such a method a human’s ability to hear various sounds is found out.

Stress test in cardiology: what are its peculiarities

Stress test is a procedure which is held by means of bodily exercises or specific medications. During this procedure a few essential markers are defined:

  • What kind of burden suits a person;
  • Heartbeats assessment;
  • Breathing pattern;
  • Fatigue level.

During the stress test sucking cups are used, which are previously connected to electrocardiograph. Such equipment fixes all the changes in cardiovascular system. A specialist occasionally asks a person about his/her general state. After finishing the examination the doctor compares the images made in a resting state with the results of heart functioning on exertion. Then the specialist develops a secure program of exercises for organism rehabilitation, selects medicine for heart disease treatment.

Stress healing by means of modern methods

Today a stress test is a compulsory process. At rapid-fire pace of life people regularly face problems. They feel psychological pressure from their chiefs, strive to earn money, solve domestic problems. Not all people are able to cope with the emotions, occurring in extreme situations. They sink into a depression, feel irritation and release it onto their children and their second half.

Stress test is examination with the help of which it’s possible to find out psychological state of a person and organism reaction on negative emotions. During this test one should answer a definite quantity of questions. Then the results are analyzed. A specialist finds out important information. For instance, to what extent a person is apt to stress situations, the way he/she behaves under tensed conditions and what kind of measures he/she can take to change the atmosphere. Approach towards life and readiness for changes are defined as well.

Stress healing is an integrated process in the course of which medicamentous, physiotherapeutic and psychological means are applied. For each individual case the specialist selects the best possible variant. He/she takes into consideration stress test data and individual peculiarities of a person. The doctor gives a professional aid for coping with a serious life problem. To receive a good result comfortable atmosphere for a patient is provided.  The person isolates oneself from negative factors and receives positive emotions. It provides a speedy recovery and getting rid of depression.

Audiogram: peculiarities of the procedure

Do You want to check the hearing? To solve this task audiogram is composed. The diagram, owing to which a human’s ability to hear sounds is defined, is composed in the course of a specific procedure. Audiometry is meant here. It’s an examination conducted by an experienced audiologist. For receiving results audiometer is used. This is equipment meant for evaluation of auditory acuity. With its help bone and air conduction of a sound is examined.

Audiogram is an image where human’s acoustic sensation is shown. It’s made for finding out of different problems:

  • Perception degree of various sounds;
  • State assessment of internal ear;
  • The right choice of acoustical apparatus;
  • Availability of inflammatory processes;
  • Defining of threshold of discomfort with loud sounds.

Stress test check-up is a service comprising important procedures. It’s held at a high level in foreign clinics. That’s why if You have any problems with immunity to stress situations and hearing consult the specialists!