Radprax Institute of Preventive Medicine

The Radpraks Diagnostic Center is considered to be the leading center of preventive medicine not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Most of the doctors working there specialize not only in the field of radiology, but also in the field of cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, urology, etc. You can count not only on highly qualified medical care, but also on a full range of various services and first-class service. At the time of the radiological examinations provided comfortable, cozy lounge. During the examination and conversations with doctors, you will certainly have a translator who is fluent in special medical vocabulary.

So the day of your examination in the center may look like:

08:00 Admission to the clinic and registration of the necessary documents
08:15 Conversation with the doctor and the final decision on the examination program
08:45 Therapeutic examination and blood test
09:15 Magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic resonance angiography
10:30 Lunch
11:00 Electrocardiography
11:15 Plethysmography: a study of the mechanics and gas exchange function of the lungs
11:30 Ergometry, spiroergometry.
12:00 Ultrasound examination of the vessels, thyroid, heart, abdominal organs
12:30 Measurement of intraocular pressure
13:00 Other individual examinations (if indicated)
14:00 Discussion of the results of examinations with a doctor, making recommendations and forecasts.

For a basic examination you need just one day.

This is convenient for busy people: early in the morning you come to us, and in the evening you go home. Naturally, after a detailed final conversation with a doctor, with medical documents and a disk with a record of the results of radiological studies. Complex outpatient examination requires 2-3 days. In this case, you are given a hotel for one or several nights.

Check-up programs:

Check-Up Kardio
Check-Up Maximum
Check-Up Standart
Check-Up Onko

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