Scientific-based diagnostics – every moment is dedicated to your health.

Full medical examination of the body in order to prevent various diseases at the European Center for Preventive Medicine in Dusseldorf. One clinic, one day are able to give you confidence in a happy future, the guarantee of which is your health!

The so-called “Check-up medicine” allows us to detect, even at the earliest stages of development, an existing pathology, or to prevent the occurrence of any disease. The orientation of the technique goes to full control over the state of the body, in order to, if necessary, immediately arrange treatment in clinics in Germany. Indeed, the sooner the disease is detected, the higher the probability of your speedy recovery. Check-up (Check-Up) diagnostics at the European Center for Preventive Medicine in Germany is carried out by exceptionally highly qualified specialists from related fields.

This diagnostic method, aimed at the prevention of various pathologies, is fully based on proven scientific research at the university level. The reliability of the data obtained, the effectiveness of the developed complex methods, the rationality of the entire examination are the main reference points of the Check-Up diagnostics of the European Center for Preventive Medicine. Thanks to this proven method, today the treatment of severe oncological diseases, as well as other pathologies, can be started already at the initial stage of the development of the disease, which maximally approximates the success of all therapeutic interventions.

It uses impeccable diagnostic high-tech equipment (CT, MRI, PET-CT, the latest ultrasound equipment, etc.), which meets the highest standards required. The doctor of preventive medicine, who will be in charge of your case, is a cardiologist and a general practitioner who works with highly specialized doctors, whose consultations are scheduled separately if necessary on the day of the examination.

University clinics in the cities of Düsseldorf and Essen, which are huge medical complexes, of course, work closely with the European Center for Preventive Medicine. Today, great emphasis is placed on medical equipment, which ensures such high efficiency and quality of treatment. What seemed incredible 20 years ago is now an integral part of the daily work of world-renowned German doctors.

After a full Check-up (Check-Up) diagnostics and extensive medical consultation with specialized specialists, the supervising doctor will give you an individual consultation with you, the purpose of which will be to prepare for you a personal plan to improve your quality of life (rest, nutrition, exercise, mobility). If there are any diseases, an urgent solution to the existing problem will be developed.

During diagnostics, you are provided with a comfortable and cozy living room, including internet, TV, shower and other amenities. Employees of our company will prepare for you after all medical documents, doctor’s conclusions, digital disks with radiological images, a recommendation document on prevention and treatment (all copies can be prepared in any language, including Russian, if desired).

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