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Klinikum Duisburg

Лучшие медицинские услуги, высоко компетентный персонал и мотивированная команда специалистов, постоянно ориентирована на пациента и на положительный результат.

If you are going to undergo treatment in Germany without intermediaries, then one of the best options is currently a clinic in the city of Duisburg.

Klinikum Duisburg is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (West Germany) and is a modern medical institution that has united many medical areas. The multidisciplinary clinic currently consists of four institutes and eighteen specialized departments, covering almost all specialties of modern medicine. Among the priority and rapidly developing departments it is necessary to highlight:

neurosurgery and neurology (departments are based on the basis of the neurological center);
Department of Internal Medicine;
orthopedics and traumatology;
surgical departments (all areas of surgery);
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology;
pediatric ward;
geriatric ward.
It is also worth noting that the cost of treatment in Germany, despite the excellent German medical care, high quality equipment and the names of world-class doctors, is still acceptable and affordable for the domestic patient.

Department of Neurosurgery

The clinic of neurosurgery in its diagnostic practice widely uses micro-dopplerography, video angiography. In general, in recent years a clear trend of scientific research has been noticed, which is aimed at ensuring that diagnostics in Germany reaches a new, higher level. Due to the exact methods of modern diagnostics, highly qualified specialists have a complete picture of the upcoming event before starting the operation, which allows reducing the risks of surgery. Vascular neurosurgery is most common with the following operations:

  • intra / extracranial shunting;
  • aneurysms of various types of complexity;
  • angiomas;
  • hemanglioblastomas;
  • spinal fissures.

Pediatric neurosurgery is in close collaboration with the pediatrics clinic. Hydrocephalus and various pathologies of the cranial cap undergo successful surgical intervention even despite the small age of the patients (and up to two years!). Medical examination in Germany in the framework of pediatric neurosurgery actively uses the latest neuroendoscopic methods with navigation equipment of increased resolution. Methods such as CT and X-rays are used in very rare cases in order not to expose the fragile children’s organism to adverse radiation. The scaphoid skull (scaphocephaly), adolescents with neurocytomas, spinal lipomas, encephalocele and other rare congenital and acquired diseases are successfully operated on by specialists of the children’s neurosurgical department.

Center for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

The activities of this department are aimed at the prevention of diseases, as well as the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs for patients after operations and courses of treatment of severe pathologies. Experienced rehabilitation therapists and physiotherapists offer many options for recovery after surgery, always selecting the course individually for each patient:

  • speech therapy;
  • art therapy;
  • dance classes;
  • kinesitherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • course of occupational therapy and others.

Center for Perinatal Medicine

Center for Perinatal Medicine of the first level, which in turn suggests that pregnant women are taken among patients, as well as mothers with newborns who are in the highest risk group.

Neuro-Oncology Center

Neurooncology is a branch of neurosurgery, specializing in the treatment of cancer of the spinal cord and brain in Germany. The latest medical diagnostic technologies, such as intraoperative ultrasound examination, neuronavigation, the use of fluorescent oncological markers, are actively practiced in the daily practice of local doctors of the world level. The department collaborates tirelessly with the Department of Radiation Oncology, Classical Oncology, as well as the Hematology Clinic, developing the most optimal individual methodological treatment concepts for each patient.

  • Клиника анестезии и интенсивной медицины

  • Клиника общей, висцеральной и торакальной хирургии

  • Клиника пластической и эстетической хирургии

  • Клиника сосудистой хирургии

  • Клиника гинекологии и родовспоможения

  • Клиника сенологии

  • Клиника внутренней медицины

  • Клиника ортопедии и травматологии

  • Клиника детской неврологии

  • Клиника фониатрии и аудиологии

  • Клиника радиологии

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