Germany’s largest specialized clinic for the treatment of lung diseases, is a medical institution of the University Hospital Essen.

The German clinic Ruhrland, located in the city of Essen, is a multidisciplinary medical institution that has united within its walls three large departments in the following areas:

Thoracic Surgery and Endoscopy;
Intensive medicine and anesthesiology;
Treatment of pathologies affecting the organs of the chest is a priority here, and is aimed at diseases such as benign and malignant tumors of the respiratory tract and lungs, cystic fibrosis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, etc.

The best solution would be treatment in Germany without intermediaries in the Ruhrland clinic, the pulmonology department of which is a powerful center in the field of respiratory medicine. This department of the clinic is known far beyond the region, partly due to the famous names of professional doctors working here.

New techniques, widely used in the center of the lungs of Rurland, can successfully treat genetic pathologies of the pleura and lungs, respiratory diseases resulting from professional activity, rare, infectious, obstructive chronic lung diseases. A specialization can be noted cancer treatment in Germany, in the fight against which the German doctors of the Ruhrland clinic show some success. And in view of the fact that lung cancer remains one of the most common diseases of oncology in Germany, the development of modern, improved diagnostic and therapeutic methods is always a priority here.

Today, diagnostics in Germany at the Ruhrland clinic, as well as the treatment, are expressed by wide possibilities, which are constantly developing and expanding. Among the methods of therapy can be noted:

Desensitization for allergic reactions or chronic allergies;
Removal of tumors;
Inhalation treatment;
Therapy for pulmonary disorders in neuromuscular pathologies;
Non-invasive breathing;
Laser therapy;
Pain reliever treatment of the chest;
Lung transplantation.
The growth of new, benign methods in the treatment of cancer in recent years has overshadowed traditional chemotherapy. Pharmacological treatment of oncology in Germany at the Ruhrland Clinic takes place with the active use of monoclonal antibodies, which are contained in special drugs, substances that effectively inhibit the growth of tumors.

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