Clinical complex “Sana”

The best medical services, highly competent staff and a motivated team of specialists are constantly focused on the patient and on a positive result.

Sana Gerresheim Clinic, which annually treats more than 20,000 patients, is a medical institution of the University of Düsseldorf and covers a wide range of medical services. Next to the surgical disciplines, which are divided into the general, visceral and thoracic surgery clinic, the vascular clinic and the plastic surgery clinic, there are a number of other areas. These include orthopedics, internal medicine, senology, gynecology and obstetrics. Also, the clinic has a children’s neurology center, in which diagnostics and treatment of neurological diseases and various developmental disorders in children are carried out.

Physiotherapy specialists, on an outpatient basis or if necessary in a hospital, help patients after a difficult treatment to achieve the usual way of life, to the extent possible. Special targeted therapeutic gymnastics programs such as neurophysiological therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy and classical massage effectively contribute to the restoration of patient mobility and autonomy.

Medical services of the clinic meet all European standards of the highest class. A motivated team of specialists, constantly focused on the patient and on a positive result, and a special committee of hygiene, monitors compliance with all required measures of cleanliness, to avoid the spread of various infectious diseases. Walking in step with modern achievements of medicine, the clinic also has a team of ethical and ethical committee, which monitors the observance of accepted traditions and, together with the attending physicians, helps patients make difficult, vital decisions.

Sana Gerresheim Clinic is famous for its achievements in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery. In addition to the standard range of plastic and aesthetic surgery, all modern methods of breast reconstruction are offered, which are carried out directly during or after the surgical treatment of breast cancer. Among the methods used, the so-called oncoplastic, include breast reconstruction using an implant and breast reconstruction using its own tissues. An implant with a tissue matrix, as well as all known methods of reconstruction from its own tissues, such as DIEP (from the abdomen), S-GAP (from the buttocks), TMG (from the groin) or reconstruction with the help of the back muscle, are offered. A nipple reconstruction, breast balancing surgery and all other corrective surgeries are also offered. Years of experience and research in this area help the team of specialists to determine exactly which technique is more appropriate in a given case.

Sana Gerresheim Clinic includes the following clinics:

Anesthesia and Intensive Medicine Clinic;
Clinic of General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery;
Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery;
Clinic for Vascular Surgery;
Clinic of gynecology and obstetrics;
Clinic of Senology;
Internal Medicine Clinic;
Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology;
Clinic for Child Neurology;
Clinic of phoniatrics and audiology;
Radiology Clinic.
Sana Gerresheim Clinic includes the following interdisciplinary centers:

Center of intestines;
Center of the chest;
Center for Pediatric Neurology;
Center vessel;
Center for Surgery and Sports Medicine;
Center for Oncology and Hematology;
Center for facial and maxillofacial surgery;
Pathology Center;
Psychotherapy center;
Center for physiotherapy.

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