St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus

Multidisciplinary clinic is famous for its high medical competence and modern approach to treatment.

St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus is a medical institution of the association of Catholic clinics in Düsseldorf “VKKD”. The clinic focuses on the use of innovative and holistic treatment methods. Constant interdisciplinary cooperation allows even with special medical diagnoses to provide the best conditions for the most effective treatment and to achieve a long-term positive result.

St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus includes the following clinics:

  • Anesthesia and Intensive Medicine Clinic;
  • Clinic for General, Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery;
  • Clinic of Internal Medicine;
  • Clinic of Orthopedic Surgery;
  • Radiology clinic;
  • Sports Orthopedics Clinic;
  • Clinic of reconstructive surgery;
  • Spinal clinic and pain.

St. Vinzenz-Krankenhaus includes the following interdisciplinary centers:

  • Abdomen center;
  • Center for pain therapy;
  • Center for Orthopedics and Spine Surgery.

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