About MediciPlus

Medici Plus is a leading provider of medical assistant services. It means the organization of assistance on the basis of the insurance contract. We are aware of all the ins and outs of our work. So if an unforeseen situation arises, our tourists won’t be left alone with their problems. They feel confident in foreign country, because we provide comprehensive assistance in case of acute diseases or accidents. European tourist insurance – Your Imperturbability Insurance assistance is services annually requested by many people. They are intended for tourists who have gone abroad. Assistance services are provided by intermediaries between insurance companies and private / public health institutions. «MediciPlus» is a reliable partner that can be entrusted with any tasks. We fully carry out our functions. These are the following:

  • organization of medical transportation to a clinic or a doctor;
  • request of a medical doctor to a hotel or home;
  • transportation to a permanent place of residence;
  • emergency assistance;
  • organization of inpatient or outpatient treatment, rehabilitation;
  • 24-hour help and support;
  • purchase and delivery of medicines;
  • acquisition required documents.

Medical support — an important aspect that is given close attention. Tourists often have unforeseen situations during a trip. They require urgent dental care, hospitalization, surgical treatment, and diagnostics. We help to solve such problems competently and promptly. We make every effort to help our traveler to get services in private clinics and public hospitals. «Medici Plus» — complex medical support Medical support is our main specialization, which we pay close attention to. In order to provide quality services, we have everything you need: multi-channel communications, software, coordination center and extensive experience. We have specialists who know different foreign languages. They communicate directly with clinic doctors and centers. Therefore, all questions connected with treatment and with hospitalization, are solved in a short time! «Medici Plus» an indispensable helper in the field of European tourist insurance. We have been engaged in such activities for many years. Our company organizes treatment of tourists in Germany and in other European countries. We have a multilevel network of partners in different regions. It includes private doctors, medical clinics, and hospitals. We are constantly developing and improving our skills. Therefore, any problems are solved effectively and with the help of qualified specialists! Our advantages The organization of inpatient and outpatient treatment, medical transportation and request of a doctor to home is only a part of the services we provide. So in cooperation with us, travelers who are suddenly ill or injured will receive the necessary help. In each case, the optimal solution is selected. The tourist is delivered to a private or public clinic. An option is also possible for a doctor to come to the hotel or to the patient’s place of residence. Such moments are solved individually. «MediciPlus» — an international company successfully operating in the field of insurance assistances. We have significant advantages

  1. Our great experience and extensive base of partners are the main components of success. We work closely with insurance companies, medical institutions, transport organizations.
  2. Skilled specialists – employees of the company know several foreign languages..
  3. Assurance of medical support – this includes hospitalization, emergency care, hospital treatment, diagnostics, and rehabilitation.

Medical Assistance with Medici Plus – Quality, Reliability and Efficiency! We provide comprehensive assistance aimed at providing services of the highest quality and with ease.