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About MediciPlus

MediciPlus specializes in the provision of complex medical services in the field of medical assistances, organization and diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in Germany and in other European regions. Our partners are world-famous insurance companies, medical assistance companies. Our employees speak foreign languages and they are prepared to organize full medical support both in the European cities most popular among tourists, as well as in solitary and non-large settlements. Thanks to the direct contact of our operators with doctors and clinics, the organization of treatment is done as quickly as possible.


We believe in cooperation and that building of partnership relations is the key to success in our time. From our own experience we know that even direct competitors can build mutually beneficial partnership. We are always in search of companies that share our values and are ready for cooperation in the field of medical assistance. We are interested in geographic expansion and widening the spectrum of our services. We are always ready for meaningful dialogue.